A short (but true) story

Victoria LineA friend of mine gave me her copy of Maeve Binchy’s Victoria Line, Central Line, and told me that it was a really book by a wonderful author.

Fast forward about six months, and here I was ready to read my first Maeve Binchy. I read the first chapter, Tottenham Hale, which I don’t remember really, because chapter 2, Seven Sisters, is quite memorable! I thought it was a change in perspective as many novels these days incorporate— the switch from one story line to another.

Seven Sisters begins to tell the story of a couple who are on their way to a swingers’ party, and of course the chapter ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. But I wanted to find out what happens next!! So, on through the next chapter I go. And the next. And the next. So call me a bit thick, but WHAT HAPPENS TO THE SWINGERS???

And then I remembered: “Gill,” because my friends call me Jill, “This is a great book of Short Stories!”

For real. I am that thick.

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