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Most Memorable Books

In 2014, I read more books than I ever have in the period of one year. Probably by at least double. Before I get into why that is, which will be another day, I want to take some time to acknowledge the books that have most affected me in the last year. Theses are not […]
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The Quick: Why I quit reading after 90 pages

I usually don’t sit down to write immediately after wrapping up a book. I like to give myself at least 24 hours to both distance myself from the emotion of the story, and let the meaningful themes and ideas sink in. But tonight, I am a bit upset, and I’m not waiting. And if this book […]
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Movies and Influence – Trying to Have it Both Ways

“We all know the power that a film can hold. It can inspire, enlighten, and even, at times, enrage. The ability of film to invoke strong emotions from a worldwide audience is seen time and again through successful film phenomenon: these are the kind of films that take the world by storm, grab our attention, […]
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Rebound Read: The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

I heard a lot of good things about E. Lockhart’s May 2014 Young Adult release: outstanding reviews, recommended on Books On A Nightstand, Hyped on Book Riot, adored all over twitter; and the plot was all very hush hush. So as soon as it came out, I grabbed it. One of the tangental thoughts that […]
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Five Fabulous Fictional Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! There are tons of awesome moms within the pages of books; some real, some imagined. Not perfect, but caring and loving. A fabulous mom is someone who overcomes great hurdles to do right by their kids. That does not mean you can’t be a great mom if you don’t experience great […]
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12 Most Influential Books

The Little House Collection by Laura Ingalls Wilder The first book in this series, Little House in the Big Woods, was the first chapter book I ever read. I was in grade one, and I remember asking my parents how to pronounce the word m-a-c-h-i-n-e. Ma-chyne? Matching? I had seriously never seen it before on […]
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He’s Ready to Read!!

He’s got his books picked and he is ready to read! Between 5am tomorrow and 5am Sunday, Gavyn has made himself a pile of 11 books to read! Cheer him on–  check out the charity rundown post from yesterday to find out how!

Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

To put it plainly, I enjoyed this book. It starts off with a very exciting and dramatic inciting incident that pulls you right into the story. You feel invested in the well-being of the main character, Jacob, from the get go. After that, this book holds your interest for a few different reasons, some good, […]
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