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Best of Intentions: The Midnight Readathon Update

Well, I had great hopes for my own reading time today.  But alas, most of the reading I ended up doing between taking care of my kids, going to the grocery store and eating meals was done by audio book. Granted, my Audible app tells me that I logged over 7.5 hours of listening time. […]
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Great Expectations: 365 books a year

I would kind of love it if I could do absolutely nothing for 16 hours per day except read books, and write about how I feel about them. I could open a book at nine in the morning (that’s right, SO not a morning person), and avoid closing it (not literally, but you know) until […]
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Finding Time to Read

Most of us are busy. We’ve got relationships to nurture with a spouse, parents, siblings, friends, and possibly kids. We’ve got jobs that consume most of our waking hours. If you do have young ones, they consume much of your at-home time, caring for their needs and also capitalizing on the privilege of building a […]
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