Armchair BEA: Authors Interactions

Who knew authors were so accessible? Since I did not venture into the world of Twitter until starting this blog, I had no idea whatsoever.

Would an author ever read the reviews that I write? If they did, could I expect a reply or acknowledgement?

So far, the super star celebrity authors— not so much.

The normal people who have honed their writing skills to epic amazingness— heck yes!

It is kind of an awesome feeling to throw it out there, announcing to an author that I have written a response to their attempt at creating a cohesive story or reportage, and be not only acknowledged, but thanked, promoted and perhaps even quoted.

As you can tell, it is still novelty to me. I hope it never gets old.

Design by Nina of Nina Reads

Design by Nina of Nina Reads

9 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Authors Interactions

  1. I’ve had Neil Gaiman tweet me back once – yay! Dont be downhearted if they dont come back to you – to paraphrase one person with high twitter counts “i’m not ignoring you, I just dont always see you in the feed”. It all depends where your tweet falls.

    I get a better interaction with authors in real life – turn up to their signings with a copy of their book and say “hi!”

      • I’ve lost count of the number of signings I’ve gone to! Twitter helps in letting you know when they’re coming to town (if they’re using it right!) so that’s how I do it. Also follow your local bookstore, see who is coming. Ask them if they will book someone to come and do a talk/signing. All anyone can say is “no”, right? And you never know who might come along,

  2. I don’t think it will ever get old and yay for that! There are some authors who I have come to know and tweet back and forth with (on occasion) when I am on twitter…I still have the fangirl, wow moments even though I know they are “just” people who happen to also be authors!

  3. I’ve never thought of tweeting an author on the basis of why would they want to know what i think of their book especially since most of the ones I read are the big and famous names.

    • I tweet the smaller authors – especially when I have liked a book, or they/their “people” have asked me to read the book. This is to allow them to know that I’ve held up my end of the bargain and they can use the review as they see fit (ignore it or retweet the hell out of it – I’m still not taking it down).

      I sometimes tweet the “big boys” too – on the assumption that they probably wont see it, but they just might. After all, they are people too, and sometimes like to know that real people are reading their books!


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