Great Expectations: 365 books a year

I would kind of love it if I could do absolutely nothing for 16 hours per day except read books, and write about how I feel about them.

ImageI could open a book at nine in the morning (that’s right, SO not a morning person), and avoid closing it (not literally, but you know) until my eyes dart through the last exciting/satisfying/devastating pages at about 2am. Granted, that would be a pretty long book, but what a wonderful feeling it is to finish a good long book. It is equally as gratifying in my mind to be allowed to read said book without interruption.

I could read a whole 365 books in a year. I could have a constant pipeline of blog posts to write, and I would be the household name when it comes to blogging book reviewers. Be the go to advanced reviewer to the biggest publishers. I could be on a first name basis with all the social media specialists that I choose to handle. My reviews could be featured on the most popular blogs on the internet; be included in the hard copies of the books I so lovingly took an entire day to read. I cou—

Oh wait. For a second there, I almost forgot about my real life.

The life in which I have a wonderful husband who loves me way more than I probably deserve, three kids who love me way WAY more than I deserve, and the busy life that comes along with that. I have a full time day job that I enjoy immensely, and a spectacular caregiver for my kids that I trust. I have friends, a family of origin, and a few different hobbies. AND I read, and blog.

So instead of devoting all of my time to reading and growing my blog, I plod along, making sure to read everyday and work on my writing without fail. And every single day, I can see that I am getting a little further down the path to where I would like to be. I may never get to the point where I get to spend 14 hours per day reading and writing (if I did, an 11am to 4am schedule would be totally sweet), but I sure could attain the goals that I have set out for myself. In reading, blogging, writing, and in life.

Thanks to the weekly writing challenge for providing the inspiration for this post.

7 thoughts on “Great Expectations: 365 books a year

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