Monthly Archives: April 2015

Reading in Recovery: Fourth of July Creek

As Gillian alluded to in an earlier post, we both took an extended break from writing for the blog due to a serious illness on my part, requiring a seven month hospital stay. I am happy to be recovering at home now. While initially I was in no state to read, physically or mentally, sometime around […]
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The Men Who Changed The World

     March 21, 2006. Around 9am. Hey! Did you just feel that?! Feel what? That shaking! Dude! I think there was just an earthquake somewhere nearby. Well, I guess we’ll hear about it on the news tonight. That’s ten freaking hours away. I need to know NOW if there was an earthquake a hundred […]
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Pulitzer Prize Anticipation

In anticipation of the upcoming Pulitzer Prize in Literature announcement, I decided to get down to business and take on Donna Tartt’s 700+ page The Goldfinch. I had been quite reluctant to read it for two main reasons. Firstly, I noticed a lot of contradicting opinions on whether or not this book actually merits such […]
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