Best of Intentions: The Midnight Readathon Update

read-a-thonWell, I had great hopes for my own reading time today.  But alas, most of the reading I ended up doing between taking care of my kids, going to the grocery store and eating meals was done by audio book.

Granted, my Audible app tells me that I logged over 7.5 hours of listening time. So I suppose that’s not bad.

I had visions of actually reading, with my eyes, a whole book or two. I did read maybe about 25 pages, so I guess that is something.

My six year old son, on the other hand, made a goal to read 11 books, and he polished off every one of them by hour eight. So, he was a total rockstar today, and I am thrilled that he completed his goal. There was no pushing or prodding involved. He was committed to do what he set for himself, and after breakfast this morning, he sat down to read. I think one bout was over an hour straight.

Maybe I am reading into things here, but can I just say… future lawyer in the house!

And, while we won’t lose our condo over my commitment to donate $.25 for every facebook like/share/comment, there has definitely been some activity so the charity Gavyn chose will be receiving a fair bit of moola. Total to be handed over will be calculated and posted Sunday.

Thank you all so much for cheering Gavyn and I on, it’s been so fun… and there is still over four hours to go. We’ll see how far I get before I fall asleep with my iPad on my face!

Thanks to Fabula: A Book Blog for the image!



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