Across the Street

I grew up with the opportunity to spend time regularly at my family’s lakefront cabin.

A four bedroom cabin set up from the lake, with huge sprawling sun deck overlooking the water, complete with built in fire pit. Our own private dock to dip our feet into the peaceful quiet waters.

Norman Lake

I took it all for granted. Until I up and moved my life to Vancouver.

Here, I realized how beautiful the water truly is. How it replenishes my soul to sit on the beach and stare out into the distance. How I feel such a sense of peace when I walk along the city’s seawall.

In the early days of Vancouver living, I did not live terribly close to the water, and told myself I led a busy life. Consequently, I did not luxuriate at the beach as often as I would have liked.

For a year, beginning in July 2005, I lived two blocks from the water. I went there often. I walked a lot. In my vibrant downtown neighbourhood, many people spent time on the seawall as I did; and so an added perk for me was being among so many neighbours.

In the summer of 2006, I moved in-land. Still close enough to visit the ocean, but not within walking distance.

And that is how it stayed for seven years.

Nine months ago, my husband and I finally made the big leap into home ownership. We took possession of our 5th floor condominium in mid-October, and we settled in for a less-rainy-than-normal, translation: very cold, winter cozied up in our new home.

Spring descended, and I finally started exploring my new neighbourhood. Of course I knew what existed around me, but at long last I started soaking it all in.

Across the street from my building, there are some low rise condos.

On the other side of those oh-so-lucky condo owners’ homes?

riverwalk1      Riverwalk2

Yup. Right across the street from my home. A two minute saunter.

One of my favourite things. Water. A gorgeous river-walk.

Laying on the grass reading a good book?

Yes, please! Spending an hour or more out there everyday would be perfect, thank you.

Now, to make it happen!


8 thoughts on “Across the Street

  1. I’m glad you are living by the water you love. I live in Seattle, so I know what Vancouver is like. What a wonderful spring we’ve had so far.

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