Props to the BookTubers of the world

I’ve been hearing about an elusive reader phenomenon called BookTube for awhile, but I did not make the time to check it out until two nights ago.  I finally decided to explore by searching for “BookTube” in the YouTube search bar, and there I found myself with hundreds of video options!

I found tons of bookish opinions, haul updates, TBR declarations, and holiday recommendations. Some producers sat in front of a well curated library of perfectly shelved books, while others sat in their bedroom. Still others seemed to be seated comfortably on a floor or bed.

I noticed that many of the channels sat at about the 2000 subscriber level. These seemed to be quite typical for the amateur BookTuber.

But then there must be standout channels right?

Oh yes, I found about eight seemingly professional BookTubers who each boast thousands and thousands and thousands of subscribers. Amazing.

Now, when I saw these young people (yes everyone I found was probably under 35) putting themselves out there, giving their opinions and recommendations to the masses, on video, I was impressed. I can write my opinion, tell everyone what I think by laying out the words on a page or screen. But to compose those words either spontaneously, or on paper in such a way that does not sound like it’s being read, and sit in front of a screen that the whole world will soon see, is much more vulnerable in my opinion.

I want to profess my deep respect for those who present their work via BookTube, or any Vlog really.

I don’t think I could do it. I think partially because of my temperament, I find it difficult to coherently communicate verbally in lengthy spontaneous streams of thought. But also I think my upbringing does not lend well to me feeling confident in front of a screen.

So to all of you that have taken the leap into the BookTube world, I tip my hat to you.


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