I Could Teach Someone A Thing Or Two

Tiny Beautiful ThingsWouldn’t it be fun to be an advice columnist?

I just purchased Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, which is a collection of the best of the best advice given by Strayed’s once anonymous alter ego, Sugar. I purchased the book for my mom as I have heard great things about it, and the few pages I glanced at have definitely piqued my interest.

I will not read the whole book people, it is a gift for my mom after all. Yeesh.

But what I did see as I flipped through are very well thought out and beautifully written answers to some very tough questions. I even found I agreed with what she said! So she must be on the right track… Props to Cheryl Strayed for being so wise.

To come up with the answers myself that seem to flow freely from her would be an exceptionally amazing talent. Not to mention it would be kind of cool if people came to me for relationship advice on a mass level.

Anybody want to give me a chance to dole out the answer to your most pressing relationship question? Maybe I could transition from Book Musings over to Love Musings, or Life Musings.

Feel free to email me at gillian@bookmusings.com, or comment below with your thoughts.

Any takers?? I’m sure I could teach someone a thing or two. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I Could Teach Someone A Thing Or Two

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