And the downfall is…

For the very first time, I am publishing a post based on an external prompt. The idea, can’t get it out of my head, asks what we are obsessed with these days.

So, what is my current weakness? What am I constantly thinking about, working on, and striving to merit making additions to?

Goodreads is the downfall.

The first thing I did when I signed up (only about one month ago), is add all the books that I could think of to my (already) “read” shelf. After that, I browsed and surfed and skimmed the pages to add interesting books to my “to-read” shelf. With the intention of adding to that shelf, I subscribed to scads of book related podcasts for recommendations. For the last few years I have struggled to find trusted recommendations… no more my friends. I will forever-more have a mile long pipeline.

Then, I discovered giveaways! Every single day dozens of book giveaway contests expire, and the organizer doles out anywhere from one to fifty (possibly more, but I have not seen it), copies of the book. Oftentimes, these are advanced, or even signed versions of the book. Usually, these are newly published books, but sometimes they are re-releasing a popular title, or trying to raise the profile on a good book that hasn’t gained much traction. Can you imagine winning yourself a new book to read and review on a weekly or even monthly basis? Hello never-ending FREE reading material!!

All of the books that I read or listen to get reviewed in some capacity. I post appropriate ones in the book’s review section to let the masses know what I thought. To give you an idea of my habits, in week two of goodreads participation, I ranked #17 in the top reviewers list…

I also provide constant status updates on my current reads. These include overall feelings about the book; thoughts inspired by the events or ideas within; or even quotes that make me angry, sad, happy, giggly or inspired.

Sufficed to say, I spend a lot of time building up my goodreads profile. I think I would call it obsessed. 🙂

I  recently posted about virtual bookshelves here, if you would like to have a read.

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