Ten Reasons (You’ve Probably Never Thought About) Why Reading is Awesome!


  1. You can choose the type of judgement people impose on you as you hold up the cover of your book for all to see on the subway.
  2. In conversation, you let out a zinger like, “my sons are both born in January so that my plan to have them become professional hockey players can be attained!“ And everyone is simultaneously impressed and weirded out by your ability to infuse drama into an otherwise normal conversation. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers for clarification
  3. The average person reads less than one book per year. If you read a minimum of one book per month, that means you will have twelve times more book related traffic swirling around your brain.
  4. If you happen to run into Oprah (or some other book club maven), and they invite you to join them for a bookish conversation, it turns into a really marvelous opportunity because you are armed with plenty of book knowledge and opinions with which you can impress the masses. Check out Oprah’s Book Club to stay up to speed with her book club.
  5. We are no longer confined to the boundaries that publishing houses set for us. If a person wanted to, they could spend their entire reading life consuming self-published reads on every conceivable subject. See this article on Inkless for more details.
  6. As you populate your virtual goodreads.com shelves to epic proportions, review ton of books and acquire stellar amounts of comments and likes, someone out there could stumble across your very active, up to date profile, realize that you have 14 of the same “favorite books” and fall madly, passionately in love with you. Please note: if you complete the aforementioned prescription, I do not guarantee that you find the love of your life.
  7. You seldom, if ever, need to paint the walls in the room where you store your books, because the smooth surface is kept safe by the eight mix and matched bookshelves lining the four walls of your library, which might also be known as your living room, or perhaps bedroom.
  8. You get to have crazy dreams every night that relate to what you are currently reading, thinking about reading, or have recently read. Never have the same dream twice again (again, this is not guaranteed).
  9. We all know we will never read all the books that we would like to read. So, either go bookless and learn about none of the subjects or stories that strike your fancy, OR take in a possible 10,000+ titles over the course of your lifetime. What would you rather do?
  10. If you wanted to, anyone (who reads a lot) could read 100% of the books published in Vatican City each and every year (around 230) and probably be one of the most knowledgeable sources on all things Vatican in the world.



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