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My Tear Stained Cheeks: an untrue tale

Through the closed windows I hear the muffled rumblings of trucks barreling through the nearby intersection. As I stumble out of bed to double check they are properly sealed, I watch a random minivan slam on its brakes as it wrongfully pulls into oncoming traffic; one horn blasts, and then another. I draw the heavy […]
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Best Books Giveaway: First Edition

I have decided that every book that earns a five star rating on Book Musings, earns itself a giveaway. First up and just in time for Mother’s Day,  1 prize of two copies of the hilarious  How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane: and other lessons in parenting by a highly questionable source by […]
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Philomena: The film and the book

I’ve watched the motion picture adaptation of The Lost Child of Philomena Lee twice in the last forty eights hours. Unlike many film adaptions I have seen, very nearly none of the scenes in Philomena are duplicated from the original book version. So, I felt the movie merited a second watch. And indeed, I did […]
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