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Review: Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith

When I think of a good “thriller,” I think of an adventure story that is full of suspense and mystery. Usually, the outcome of the story is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes everything that came before, make sense. It doesn’t necessarily solve all the problems, but it allows us to understand why […]
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June is National Aboriginal History Month

I first heard of John Demos’ latest book, The Heathen School on an NPR Books podcast. They featured a great teaser for the listeners and it certainly piqued my interest. The premise of this school was to bring in “heathens”— native americans and asians predominantly, educate in the language, religion and culture of a Christ-centic […]
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Guest review: XXI-XXX of Livy’s History of Rome- The War with Hannibal

I have many friends who are avid readers. Brent LaRoche is among the most committed of them, and is extremely thoughtful about the many books that he consumes. He reads across multiple genres, but History is very much a focus for him. Consequently, he is quite well versed on various topics in history as well […]
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