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The Quick: Why I quit reading after 90 pages

I usually don’t sit down to write immediately after wrapping up a book. I like to give myself at least 24 hours to both distance myself from the emotion of the story, and let the meaningful themes and ideas sink in. But tonight, I am a bit upset, and I’m not waiting. And if this book […]
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Review: The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla

In Grade Seven, our classroom had a bookshelf with a small collection of completely random books we could read when we were caught up on our work, or had nothing better to do.  I don’t remember what the title was, but there was one book on the shelf about the Battle of Britain, and invariably […]
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Review: A King’s Ransom by Sharon Kay Penman

  A King’s Ransom is a beautifully written and researched novel about the last years of King Richard the Lionheart and the many, many interweaving stories of family members and alliances throughout Europe and the Middle East. We follow Richard from his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, all the way to the grave. We follow his Mother, […]
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