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Review: All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

When you can see a part of yourself or a loved one in a character of a book without any stretch of the imagination, you know the author knows how to write well. While of course not every facet of any character will apply to any one person, sometimes they just seem so real— a […]
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My Top Ten of the Year (So Far)

In the last week, it seems like many “Best of 2014” lists have descended, from places like TIME Magazine and Chapters Indigo. While I have heard most of the books talked about or reviewed in one place or another, I do not exactly agree with the choices. However, I haven’t read all of the picks, […]
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Five Fabulous Fictional Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! There are tons of awesome moms within the pages of books; some real, some imagined. Not perfect, but caring and loving. A fabulous mom is someone who overcomes great hurdles to do right by their kids. That does not mean you can’t be a great mom if you don’t experience great […]
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